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Bio-based products are goods made from renewable biogenic material (also called “biomass”). The most frequently used types of biomass are sugar, starch, plant oils, wood and natural fibres.

Sustainable sourcing and smart use of biomass can lead to the production of goods which are improved versions of traditional fossil-based alternatives or completely new items, and thus can contribute to savings in greenhouse gas emissions, to reducing waste and toxicity, and to a long-term shift away from finite fossil resources. By buying these products, you can promote innovative solutions and increase their market uptake. Many of these innovative products are not well known – by giving them visibility, your decision can have a positive impact on overall market developments towards more efficient and more sustainable products.

In a perfectly functioning circular economy, there is no such thing as waste. Wastage of raw materials is prevented by maximising the reusability of products and materials and by minimising value destruction. This differs from the current linear system, in which raw materials are converted into products that are usually discarded at the end of their service life. Bio-based products and services play an important role in a circular economy, for example to avoid the use of fossil resources. For a more detailed description of the terms “circular economy” and “bio-based economy”, please read our Factsheet #4.

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