factsheets about the bioeconomy

There is already a wide range of bio-based products on the market, offering a diverse range of functionalities. However, what can they be used for and why should the public sector purchase them? And how can procurers ensure that they have been produced in a sustainable manner? What types of standards are available?

In an attempt to provide more information about the most relevant issues concerning bio-based products and services, a series of factsheets have been published during the course of InnProBio which focus just on these and other similar issues.

Factsheet #1: What are bio-based products?

Factsheet #2: Sustainability of bio-based products

Factsheet #3: Biodegradability - Exposing some of the myths and facts

Factsheet #4: Bio-based products and services in the circular economy

Factsheet #5: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC)

Bioeconomy Factsheets