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NEWS ABOUT BIO-BASED PRODUCTS: News service about the bio-based economy by nova institute. Dutch-English website with lots of information about bio-based products and the bio-based economy. Clear, scientifically sound messages about bio-based products to engage citizens


The bio-based office: Developed by FNR, this bio-based office shows bio-based office interior, office materials and office design elements.

EASME project: Bio-based products: Developed by Royal Haskoning DHV: A guidance which facilitates procurers and other interested parties to obtain more information about bio-based products, to consider innovative bio-based products alongside other products in procurement.


'Public Procurement for Innovation', edited by EDQUIST, Charles, S. VONORTAS, Nicholas; ZABALA-ITURRIAGAGOITIA, Jon Mikel, and ELDER, Jakob. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2015.

'Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Bioeconomy Products and Processes? Progress Report 1', by TORRES DE MATOS, Cristina; AURAMBOUT, Jean Philippe; CRISTOBAL GARCIA, Jorge; MANFREDI, Simone, and KAVALOV, Boyan. Publications Office of the European Union, 2015.

'The Bioeconomy - a Primer', by Elyse Mills. Published by TNI and Hands on the Land. November, 2015

'Options for certification of bio-based products' (in German), by Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH. April, 2017


European Commission – DG Grow: Bio-based products

This website contains information about what bio-based products are and links to EU policies related to bio-based products.

European Commission Expert Group for Bio-based products

The details of this Commission Expert Group can be found in this webpage. The main mandates of the Group are (1) to monitor and support the development of the policy framework / implementation of the priority recommendations proposed by the Lead Market Initiative Ad-hoc Advisory Group for Bio-based Products, (2) to propose demand-side industrial policy actions conducive to the market uptake of bio-based products and processes (standardisation, public procurement, awareness raising, labelling, etc.) and (3) to map bio-based products and relevant bioeconomy related activities and exchanging of good practices at regional, national, international and EU-level aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the European industry.

European Commission – DG Research and Innovation: What is the Bioeconomy in Europe?

For those interested in learning more about bioeconomy in Europe, this webpage contains information on the bioeconomy strategy, the panel, the observatory and events related to the topic.


CEN on bio-based products

CEN is developing European Standards and other deliverables (Technical Reports and Specifications) covering horizontal aspects of bio-based products as well as standards for specific bio-based product groups such as bio-lubricants, bio-polymers, bio-surfactants and bio-solvents.


Bio-based industries:Public-private partnership

The Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking is a new €3.7 billion Public-Private Partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium. Operating under Horizon 2020, it is driven by the Vision and Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) developed by the industry.


Open-Bio: The project investigates how markets can be opened for bio-based products through standardisation, labelling and procurement.

BioSTEP: BioSTEP aims to engage citizens and various stakeholder groups in discussions about the future development of Europe’s bioeconomy.