Procurement of bio-based cleaning services by the Wilanów District of Warsaw city (Poland)

The Wilanów District Office – one of 18 Districts of the City of Warsaw - carried out a procurement of environmentally-friendly cleaning and maintenance services for some of the city’s water supply and treatment plants. The procurement was launched in November 2014 for services related to the local water extracting plant, extracting underground water through pumps, and for the local water treatment station. The Call for Tenders published included environmental considerations in the award phase. The contract was also awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT) model presented. Additional points were specifically awarded for the use of ecological cleaning products; use of bio-based detergents accounted for 20% of the evaluation criteria.

The winning company met the District’s expectations in terms of the requests for bio-based detergents for several different surfaces (such as glass, terracotta and fittings). The procurement resulted not only in the purchase of sustainable products, but represented a chance to test out the inclusion of bio-based requirements and for the contracting public authority to gain valuable experience on how to purchase environmentally-friendly products through a public procurement process.

To read the full case study and all the lessons that were learned, please download the report from here.
Bio-based cleaning services