This case study details the process that was undertaken by the Dutch national government to purchase cups for one of their hot drink vending machines, whereby a preference for a cup made from bio-based materials was given.

The case study opens with an explanation on how public procurement is managed in the Netherlands and also the policy background supporting the preference for bio-based products to support the development of the bioeconomy. The intention behind this particular purchase was to stimulate the supply of bio-based products and also encourage further innovation of these products in the not too distant future. The environmental characteristics of the product purchased as well as its end of life – how it should be disposed and further processed – were points that were strongly considered in the contract award. A number of lessons learned are also presented in the case study.

The good practice case is the first in a series of four case studies on public procurement published through the InnProBio project. These aim to provide a further source of information to the public sector in support of their purchasing actions and approaches.

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To read the full case study and all the lessons that were learned, please download the report from here.
Bio-based cups