This stage starts when the procurement contract has been signed. The goal is to encompass ongoing innovation into the procurement contract and to foster the continuous uptake of the most innovative bio-based products and services.

Continuous improvement

Brief explanation:

‘Continuous improvement’ is designed to encourage a supplier to come up with better solutions during the term of a contract. Opportunities and incentives to do so must be included at the outset in the contract. In addition, it is necessary to agree terms how to collaborate in order to allow room for improvements. In doing so, you increase the mutual trust between the procurer and the supplier and lower the threshold for innovative proposals.

The goal of continuous improvement is to make optimum use of the new opportunities for your suppliers so that the supplier continuously can improve its supply or service. This is especially appropriate for long-term contracts in which you expect new solutions to become available during the term of the contract.

You can ask your supplier to gradually change from non-bio-based products to bio-based products when they become available and can fulfill the same needs. This gradually introducing bio-based products lowers the risks for both parties and gives them the opportunity to get familiar with the new products.

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Continuous improvement

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