Roles and responsibilities in sustainable procurement
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Roles and responsibilities in sustainable procurement

Sustainable procurement is the responsibility of the entire organisation and not only of the procurement department. Sustainable procurement starts with sustainable management: the manager sets the ambition and goals. Both the procurement professional and the internal client or budget holder must be committed to these goals. Policy departments should share their expert knowledge more actively.

Below you find important internal stakeholders that are needed for a successful sustainable procurement. Clicking on a stakeholder will give an overview of the activities and responsibilities. This overview helps to discuss the various responsibilities.

Public management
  • Sponsor and managerial responsible for sustainable procurement in a public organisation
  • Encourages budget holders / internal clients to choose for sustainable solutions
  • Provides support to procurement officers with policy frameworks, knowledge and capacity
  • Creates awareness by sharing best practices
Budget holder or internal client
  • Owner of the sustainable procurement
  • Challenges the procurement officer on sustainable procurement
  • Informs public management on the risks associated with sustainable procurement
  • Complies with sustainable procurement policies (or explains why these are not followed
Procurement officer
  • Facilitates budget holder / internal client with their sustainable procurement needs
  • Advises budget holders / internal clients how to create (more) sustainability impact
  • Stimulates real action on sustainable procurement among budget holders / internal clients
  • Provides management with monitoring information on sustainable procurement
Facility manager, end-users, contract managers
  • Emphasize the importance of sustainability among shared services centres
  • Ensures / stimulates the availability of more sustainable solutions for their internal clients
Policy advisers, experts
  • Ensures the procurement officers have up to date knowledge on sustainable procurement
  • Provide a toolbox for budget holders or internal clients and procurement officers

Source: Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment of the Netherlands, 'Action Plan Sustainable Procurement', August 2017 (in Dutch)

Roles and responsibilities in sustainable procurement